Once again, Delhi’s Sidecar Claims Title of India’s Best Bar

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Delhi’s Sidecar has once again been named India’s best bar, winning the prestigious title at the 30 Best Bars Awards held in Goa. The event, which featured a weekend of bar takeovers, also introduced a new category for the best non-alcoholic craft drinks, which was won by Chennai’s Pandan Club.

Team Sidecar from Delhi

India’s Best Bar Ceremony

The ceremony took place at the Taj Cidade De Goa and saw Sidecar, known for its trendsetting cocktail program and neighborhood bar atmosphere, take home the top honor. Following closely behind were Cobbler & Crew from Pune, praised for their high-energy team, and Lair from Delhi, recognized for their experimental cocktails. The other bars that made the list were Copitas at the Four Seasons in Bengaluru, Hideaway in Goa, and ZLB23, a luxurious speakeasy at the Leela Palace in Bengaluru. The addition of the non-alcoholic cocktail category reflects the growing demand for thoughtfully crafted drinks that offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional mocktails. This evolution in the Indian bar scene provides more options for those looking to have a memorable night out while cutting back on or abstaining from alcohol.

Manoj Padmanabhan, one of the partners at Pandan Club receiving best non-alcoholic cocktail menu 

Last year, 30BestBars in the India’s Best Bar event added an award for sustainability to acknowledge the changes happening in the country’s bar and restaurant scene. This year, the award was given to two bars in Pune, Soy Como Soy and Cobbler & Crew. Cobbler & Crew had a successful night, winning Best Bar Team, and their star bartender Aashi Bhatnagar also won an award for best bartender.

Team Cobbler & Crew

Vikram, who is involved in the India’s Best Bar awards process, explains that around 275 people connected to the industry voted to determine the short list of bars. There were a total of 350 bars on the long list, with about 60 of them being self-nominations. The criteria for selection includes evaluating the quality of bar talent and management, the design and aesthetics of the bar, and how much they invest in ice and glassware.

Radhakrishna mentions that this year’s India’s Best Bar rankings were highly competitive, especially among the top bars in the country. The difference between them was only a few votes. The award categories are constantly reviewed to ensure they are relevant to the current bar landscape, both nationally and internationally.

In its fourth year, 30BestBarsIndia decided to hold the India’s Best Bar ceremony in Goa instead of Delhi to recognize the state’s vibrant restaurant and bar scene, which saw the opening of innovative new spaces throughout the year. The weekend of the awards was filled with about 35 to 40 bar takeovers, culminating in a celebratory after-party at Elephant & Co. The atmosphere in Goa was festive and lively. The winners of 30 Best Bars Awards in Goa were celebrated for their outstanding performances and contributions to the Indian bar scene. This recognition further solidifies their position as leaders in the industry and highlights their commitment to excellence and innovation. With the addition of the non-alcoholic craft drinks category, the awards also acknowledged the growing demand for refreshing and thoughtfully crafted beverages that cater to a wide range of preferences. The winners will continue to inspire and set new standards for the industry, ensuring that the Indian bar scene remains dynamic and exciting.


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