A New Whiskey From Jeppson : Jeppson’s Bourbon

Jeppson’s, the distiller who is responsible for Malort (also referred to as “The Champagne of Pain”) has released a bourbon. Given their previous track record of flavor profiles, I am not excited about this one — but I feel duty bound as a whiskey reviewer to check out a bourbon from a company that advertises their flagship product as “tonight’s the night you fight your dad”.


Let’s face facts: the bar was set about ankle high for this bourbon, especially given the reputation of its better known stablemate, Malort. And yet somehow it still managed to stumble, even when sourcing the spirits from other (supposedly commercially viable and well regarded) bourbon manufacturers.

For a value-priced bourbon, this is not terrible… but I would not recommend it.  There are other options that you can find at a similar price point with better flavor. It definitely drinks better than I thought when first smelling it, but it’s not a bourbon I would grab if I want something neat.

The only place where this works is if you’re looking to build a cocktail using Chicago local spirits as a selling point. Jeppson’s is a well known brand in the city (not necessarily for the best reasons, but still), and not everyone is aware of the delicious nectar of the gods that is pouring out of Few Spirits down the road.

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Overall Rating: 2/5

I would summarize this with another Jeppson’s Malort slogan:  “When you need to unfriend someone… in person.

“Drink Responsibly & its never acceptable to Drink & Drive”


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