5 Japanese Whiskies You Can Now Try In India

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Harmonious, with a focus on exquisite craftsmanship, Japanese whiskies have found a global fan following in the past few years. Here are some you can try in India.

While Irish and Scottish whiskies are well known around the world, Japanese whiskies are also slowly picking up pace. Known for their craftsmanship, nuanced set of flavours, and blending techniques that have evolved from the local ones, these Japanese whiskies have managed to gain a steady fan following across the world, including India. The best part is that you don’t have to fly to Japan to have a taste of these precious blends as many of these  Japanese whiskies now retail in India. Whether you are a seasoned whisky lover or have just started exploring the varieties, these Japanese whiskies are sure to blow your mind.

Here are 5 Japanese whiskies you should try in India

1. Hibiki Harmony

One of the most popular Japanese whiskies, Hibiki Harmony will blow your mind with its beautiful blend of grain and malt whiskies. Believed to be the lighter of the Japanese whiskies, this one is easier to begin with if you are not as accustomed to the flavours of a Japanese malt whiskey. Notes of the Japanese Hibiki include honey, candied orange peel, and subtle oak, making it one of the best whiskey Japanese offer.

2. Tenjaku Pure Malt Japanese Whiskies

If you are looking for a Japanese malt whiskey that’ll wow everyone at your next party, look no further than Tenjaku Pure Malt Whisky. Aged in bourbon barrels, this Japanese malt whiskey is well-rounded with notes of green apple, fresh herbs, and smoke. Believed to be one of the most polished Japanese whiskies, Tenjaku is a no-brainer when it comes to finding a good Japan whiskey in India.

3. Yamazaki 12 YO

Aged for 12 years, the Japanese single malt Yamazaki is an absolute delight when it comes to finding Japan whiskey in India. While the notes are tropical fruits, baking spices and nuts, making it a harmonious blend, what makes this Japanese malt whiskey a crowd favourite is the complexity and depth it picks up because of being aged in what can best be described as a combination of American, Japanese, and Spanish oak. If you are into collecting the most prized of Japanese whiskies, this brand also has Japanese single malt Yamazaki that has been aged for 50 years, do check that out.

4. Akashi White Oak Single Malt 

While there are many blended Japanese whiskies that make to this list, if you are looking for a single malt, look no further than Akashi White Oak Single Malt. Apart from being the brand’s flagship export, this Japanese malt whiskey also has a rich blend of notes like chocolate peanuts, lemongrass, and spice. Aged in barrels made with American oak, pedro ximenex, and bourbon, this is a great buy when it comes to the best whiskey Japanese sell.

5. Kamiki Whisky

One of the most unique Japanese whiskies, this one is special as the dram is not blended in a predetermined ratio but when it is at its peak, making each batch of these Japanese whiskies unique in flavour. Another thing that makes this Japan whiskey in India stand out from others is its roots. Kamiki, that translates to ‘breath of God’ comes from a region of Japan called Nara, famous for its shrines. This Japanese malt whiskey made with the same wood that is used to make these temples, called the Yoshino Sugi or Japanese Cedar. 


Renowned for their skillful production, complex range of flavors, and blending methods inherited from local traditions, Japanese whiskies have attracted a growing fan base worldwide, including in India. The exciting news is that one no longer needs to travel to Japan in order to savor these exquisite blends, as many Japanese whiskies are now available for purchase in India. Whether you are an experienced whisky connoisseur or just beginning to discover different types of whiskies, these Japanese spirits are guaranteed to impress you.

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