Zoya Special Batch Gin : Here’s All About The Newest Entrant In Indian Gin Market

The gin landscape in India is evolving rapidly as an increasing number of domestic brands emerge, revolutionizing the gin-drinking experience for Indians. Despite the wide array of new gin options available, the market seems far from saturated. Introducing the latest addition, Zoya Special Batch Gin. This luxurious bottled gin offers a delightful blend of refreshing flavors, making every sip a step closer to the essence of summer. Discover more about the exquisite Zoya gin below.

Zoya Special Batch Gin

Allied Blenders and Distillers Limited (ABDL) has introduced Zoya Special Batch Gin to their premium spirits collection. The Indian market for alcoholic beverages has undergone a transformation in recent years, with a younger and more adventurous consumer base showing interest in exploring locally produced products. Gin has emerged as a crucial player in this evolving landscape of the Indian market. By unveiling Zoya gin, we are at the forefront of this changing trend. What sets this gin apart? What botanicals are used? What flavors can one expect? We delve into these aspects and more.

Everything you need to learn about Zoya gin

Zoya Special Batch Gin, an Indian gin crafted from 100% grain and natural spirits along with premium botanicals, is an ideal choice for social gatherings, be it for crafting delicious cocktails or enjoying a timeless Gin & Tonic. This drink promises a refreshing experience with a distinctively smooth taste.

According to ABD’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Bikram Basu, Zoya Special Batch Gin?represents a zest for life. The brand encourages people to embrace living, loving, and celebrating, offering a delightful mix of premium juniper and 12 carefully chosen botanicals. Basu believes that Zoya’s artistry will appeal not only to gin lovers but also contribute to the expansion of the category.

Which plant-based ingredients are utilized in Zoya Special Batch Gin?

12 plant extracts, contained in a single container. Zoya Special Batch Gin’s range of flavors is derived from these natural plant extracts carefully chosen by professionals and combined to create the unique essence of this high-quality gin.

Juniper Berry

The initial taste on the palate is the fresh scent of juniper berries, accompanied by a delicate hint of woodiness.

Zoya Special Batch Gin

Mango Ginger

If you haven’t sampled this type of ginger, you’re truly missing a delightful experience. Combining the fruity essence of mango with the zesty kick of ginger, this herb is an exceptional and intricate ingredient that enhances the taste profile of Zoya gin even more.

Angelica Seeds

These seeds provide a subtle blend of floral and earthy notes that leave a refreshing sensation in your mouth.


Characterized by its floral essence and finishing with a hint of menthol, rosemary infuses a crisp quality to the gin with its piney and woody undertones.


Providing a counterbalance to the gin’s fruity aspects, clove introduces a layer of sophistication with its peppery and earthy profiles.


A staple in Indian cuisine, coriander imparts a delicate fragrance to Zoya gin.

Orange peel

Infusing the gin with a vibrant blend of zestiness, tanginess, and sweetness, orange peel enhances the drink’s overall complexity and texture.

Zoya Special Batch Gin

Cardamom and Cinnamon

Highly prized in Indian cuisine, cardamom provides a subtly refreshing touch while cinnamon contributes a cozy and gently spicy essence to the gin, creating an ideal beverage for the summer season.


A transformative element across various applications, the rich scent of vanilla provides an exquisite final flourish.


Evoking vibrant visuals and fruity sensations, strawberries are the signature element that sets Zoya gin apart. This fruity aspect harmonizes with the blend of woods and spices present in the gin.

Zoya Special Batch Gin


Some more tanginess, some more citrus notes, some more lemon. It adds a vibrant flavour to your palette.


A subtle spicy and a distinct note of anise, this botanical adds to the diverse composition of this premium gin.

What drinks can you make with the Zoya gin?

You can make all your favourite gin cocktails with the Zoya Special Batch Gin. From a simple Gin & Tonic, Coffee Martini, Tea cocktails, Vanilla Gintini, to plenty of other fruity cocktails and infusions, there is a plethora of drinks to discover with Zoya Special Batch Gin.

Where is Zoya gin available?

Zoya Special Batch Premium Gin has first launched in Gurgaon for now. The brand has plans to move to Maharashtra and eventually to other major cities in the country. A 750ML bottle will cost INR 2,200 in Maharashtra.

All Images: Courtesy Zoya gin


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