The Best Indian Gins, Whiskies And Rum In 2022

Mithuna by Paul John single malt whisky

Mithuna by Paul John Photo: Facebook/@pauljohnwhisky

With a whopping score of 95 out of 100, Mithuna by Paul John is the only Indian spirit to be conferred a Gold medal in the IWSC 2022. Part of the Paul John Zodiac series, Mithuna is named after the Gemini sign because of its contradictory strengths. The single malt has flavours of coffee mocha, orange peel and gentle spices.

What they won: Gold, with a score of 95.
Tasting notes according to IWSC“Sweet nose with malt and chocolate. On the palate expect oak and fresh herbs; think mint and thyme. Sun-filled fruit and grapes on the finish. A weighty malt; long, complex and extremely enjoyable.”

Greater Than No Sleep Gin

Greater Than No Sleep gin Photo: Facebook/@greaterthangin

NAO Spirits—makers of Greater Than and Hapusa—launched their No Sleep coffee-infused gin in collaboration with Sleepy Owl Coffee earlier this year. The limited edition gin uses 100% Arabica coffee from Chikmagalur, without any sugar or artificial flavours.

What they won: Silver, with a score of 92.
Tasting notes according to IWSC“Rich and vibrant, brimming with complex dark coffee aromas and flavours. Supporting notes of prune and earth sit upon a delicious backbone of freshly ground coffee.”

Indri Trini Single Malt Whisky

Indrin Trini Whisky

In Sanskrit, “indri” means the five senses or “indriya”. The Indri single malt by Piccadily Distillery is made for each sense. Trini stands for the three woods the malts are matured in- ex-bourbon, ex-Wine and sherry casks. The whisky has nutty flavours, with a gentle spice and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus and raisins.

What they won: Silver, with a score of 91.
Tasting notes according to IWSC: “Clean, malty nose with oak sweetness and hints of tropical fruits. Tannic, yet delicate mouthfeel revealing prunes, figs and dates. Earthy finish.”

Paul John Oloroso Single Malt Whisky

Paul John Oloroso single malt whisky Photo: Facebook/@pauljohnwhisky

This single malt has fragrances of peach and apricot, with notes of blood orange and molasses. The dark mahogany whisky is named after the Oloroso casks the blend is aged in, which gives it an intense finish with heavy spices.

What they won: Silver, with a score of 92.
Tasting notes according to IWSC“Layered and complex nose with fruit, wood and oak. A whisper of smoke on the palate and an intensely woody mouthfeel with leather and tobacco. A strong nutty finish.”

Paul John Pedro Ximenez Single Malt Whisky

Paul John Pedro Ximenez single malt whisky Photo: Facebook/@pauljohnwhisky

The Goan brand’s third winning whisky is a celebration of sweetness, with flavours of creamy butterscotch, dry fruits and Christmas cake. There are also hints of wine-soaked nuts, chocolate fudge and orange peel.

What they won: Silver, with a score of 92
Tasting notes according to IWSC“Sweet, oaky nose with aromas of honey. The palate starts sweet but ends on a spicy, meaty rich tone. Smoky finish with notes of dates and prunes.”

Trading Tides Gin

Trading Tides gin Assad Dadan

From Third Eye Distillery—the group behind Stranger & Sons gin—Trading Tides has been created in collaboration with Australian distillery Four Pillars. The citrus-forward gin combines Australian flavours like lemon myrtle and river mint with Indian ingredients like kokum, tamarind and mangosteen.

What they won: Silver, with a score of 90
Tasting notes according to IWSC“The elegance of angelica root aromas lead onto a warming palate and pleasing mouthfeel. Citrus notes balance well with spices that linger enjoyably. Well balanced, and also a great length to flavours.”

Five Rivers Rum

Five rivers rum Photo: Twitter/@5_Rivers_Rum

Named after Punjab, the land of five rivers, this is a dry Indian spiced rum by Sanghera Rum Company. The rum is inspired by a Sanghera family recipe and features a mix of cardamom, cassia, ginger, clove and coriander seed, without any added sugar.

What they won: Bronze
Tasting notes according to IWSC“Warm nose with citrus and spice. Complex palate with a fiery, cinnamon-inspired twist.”

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