Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands In India

India consumes over half of the complete whisky utilization on the planet and positions 9 on the planet, taking everything into account. A portion of the significant whisky consuming urban communities of India are Chennai; Bangalore; Chandigarh; and Delhi. What’s more, India is additionally the nation of the second biggest distiller on the planet, hence whisky making and drinking is not kidding business in the country. Along these lines, underneath is the rundown of top 10 scotch brands in India.

Johny Walker

Johnnie Walker is among the top scotch whisky brand in the world, however especially well known in India and can be considered as the most costly Scotch in India. This could be a result of the British Empire’s presence in India. Any place they went, they brought Scotch whisky. Another explanation is the quality. Thirdly, it has never included in any outrages so its standing remaining parts stainless till date.

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Key Points :

  • India adds to 56% of the portion of the overall industry all around the world. This is presumably because of the way that Indians favor hard alcohol to wine or brew.
  • The variety coding and logo is additionally simple to distinguish and be perceived by individuals of India, making Johnnie Walker the No.1 Scotch whisky in India.
  • It is viewed as an extravagance drink or an optimistic brand, causing individuals to feel like they have pushed ahead throughout everyday life and a pride when they begin drinking this Scotch whisky.
  • However there are a few neighborhood bourbon brands accessible in the country, Johnnie Walker keeps on excess the beverage of decision by Indians living in the US, the UK and Australia.
  • It tastes powerful and Indians know about such flavors in their food.

Chivas Regal

While talking about the top scotch brands in India, Chivas Regal is an unquestionable requirement in the rundown! So what is it about Chivas Regal that hits home for bourbon consumers in India? It is a smooth, rich Scotch mix with a sweet taste that closures with a dry completion. On occasion, Chivas Regal removes the lead from Johnnie Walker as the most famous beverage in India.

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Key Points :

  • It is a decent scotch and one of the most well known scotches of the world tracing all the way back to the times of Queen Victoria. It is likewise positioned among the expensive Scotch whisky brands in India.
  • The Chivas siblings had a little supermarket in Scotland and later, began providing items to Queen Victoria, after which they called themselves Chivas Regal.
  • Its single malt keeps on being made in perhaps the most established refinery of Scotland, Strathisla and is considered among the best Scottish whiskies.

100 Pipers

100 Pipers is among the top brands of mixed scotch whisky, known for its smoked notes and perfection. Aside from being the top notch scotch whisky brand in India, it is likewise extremely well known in Thailand, Spain and in South America.

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Key Points

  • The name of this scotch whisky brand is associated with bagpipers and named after the military Scottish song.
  • It is associated with a Scottish legend saying that you can hear one flautist play when you taste great bourbon however can hear 100 flautists play while tasting an extraordinary scotch bourbon.
  • Seagram’s 100 Pipers was presented in India in the year 1995 and is among the biggest selling bourbons in the country.
  • 100 Pipers is one of the top scotch brands that is developed for a very long time in oak containers and results in a sweet and weighty refreshment that is golden in variety and having a fruity smell of vanilla and honey.


Glenlivet is a scotch whisky with a pineapple note and a lighter style. They have the situation with being the single malt that began everything, being the second biggest single malt brands.

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Key Points

  • It is the greatest, most seasoned and most famous Scotch distiller on the planet.
  • Glenlivet brand is known for lighting the Speyside scotches. It was the primary refinery in the Speyside area, north east Scotland and had set the norm for single malt bourbons being delivered here.
  • They have probably the best single malt whiskies, yet one of the top picks is the 18 year old leader. The Glenlivet 18 is a mix of their acclaimed whiskies with a fruity smell. It is among the smash hit Scotch whisky in India.


Glenfiddich is the world’s most popular brand for single malt bourbon and a perceived goliath in the business. They are the No.1 makers of malt bourbon in Scotland and the world’s most well known single malt selling more than 1,000,000 cases per year.

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Key Points

  • The name of this single malt scotch whisky signifies ‘deer valley’. They have an ordinary three-sided bottle presented in 1957, addressing water; air; grain.
  • As indicated by Peter Gordon, the incredible, extraordinary grandson of the pioneer, William Grant, its prominence in India presents a convincing an open door for whisky producers.
  • It is a solitary malt scotch whisky that has gotten the greatest number of grants, with 8 gold decorations from the International Spirits Challenge.
  • William Grant and Sons are hoping to get over 30% of India’s single malt scotch whisky market during the following six years, offering more items and extending their range.
  • At this point, they have a few brands like Balvenie; Monkey Shoulder; Hendrick’s Gin and Grant’s for their Indian portfolio.

VAT 69

Vat69 is viewed as the most flexible scotch bourbons, being the ideal beverage for any event. It is additionally a top of the line Scotch whisky in India.

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Key Points

  • It is the leader scotch whisky mix from William Sanderson and Son, with the significant business sectors being Australia; Spain; Venezuela, being packaged in India locally.
  • Vat69 is made of around 40 malts and grains with a vanilla pleasantness.
  • It is a well known drink with Bollywood (India) miscreants right from the 70s and could be halfway liable for Vat69’s prevalence in India.
  • Look at the famous dull green, sherry-molded bottle.


Laphroaig is one of the most famous refineries in Islay island, which is celebrated for its sharp and peaty malts. It’s single malt spotless, sweet and peaty whisky.

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Key Points

  • There’s gossip that the regal ruler Charles of Wales loves Laphroaig whisky, however the organization isn’t permitted to put the prefix Royal on its name.
  • Laphroaig is one of the top selling malt whisky of Islay.


Ballantines is a smooth scotch whisky brand presented by George Ballantine, a Scotsman.

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Key Points

  • One of Ballantines best assortments is a smooth scotch that is mixed utilizing more than 50 single malts with a fragrance of toffee and smokey wood.
  • One more of its Scotch assortments is the 12 year old smooth and rich whisky, with smells of products of the soil.

Glen Grant

Glen Grant is a light, apple new, single malt scotch whisky established in the year 1840. They are the third greatest maker of malt whisky in Scotland and one of the top merchants in India as well as numerous different regions of the planet, for certain articulations being famous in Italy also. The refinery is situated in the primary Speyside locale.

Key Points

  • Glen Grant is one of a handful of the Scotch malt bourbons that actually hold the organizers’ name.
  • It used to be a pale whisky yet later they began adding a great deal of caramel from the year 2007.
  • It has a light style and variety because of the tall stills as well as the purifiers on the top.
  • For the beyond couple of years, more individuals in India are leaned towards such single malt whiskies, because of more extra cash and more prominent mindfulness.
  • This whisky is imported by Aspri Spirits, for India and positions among the most elevated selling Scotch whisky in India.
  • The Glen Grant matured 18 years was granted with the Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Jim Murray Whisky Bible last year.


Teacher’s most famous mix is the Highland Cream, popular for the high happy of malt and peaty malt whisky.

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Key points

  • There are likewise different assortments in its profile, specifically the Origin with 65% malt content; Teacher’s 50, which is a long term mix with half malt; a 25 year old mix and a Single Malt too.
  • The main Teacher’s measure shop was opened in 1856 by William Teacher and today it is among the most cherished Scotch whisky in India.
  • It positions high among the biggest selling scotch whiskies in India.
  • Teacher’s 50 was uniquely mixed to observe India’s 50th year of Independence and is a number one among numerous in the country.


Assuming there is one beverage on the planet that brings together India, it is Scotch bourbon. India’s craving for drinking scotch whisky is on a high, as it proceeds with its relationship with it. If you have any desire to evaluate the best whiskies on the planet, you should evaluate these Scotch whiskies, as Scotland is the beginning for the best whiskies on earth. They make it utilizing plans and techniques that are exceptionally old, with each Scotch whisky accompanying its own remarkable flavor and type.

The term Scotch itself infers whiskies that are made in Scotland and the word Scotch whisky has worldwide regulation security.

Be that as it may, it is a troublesome assignment to pick the right Scotch bourbon for an event, so look at this prepared reckoner. These are a portion of the world’s and India’s most famous Scotch whisky brands. Scotch whisky is perhaps the best kind of alcohol, as it is created with traditional strategies and the whisky is developed utilizing wooden containers. A last thought: Drink however appreciate mindfully!